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Create an account. It came up this week after a female boy from a Dublin school was jailed for having sex with one of her students on his 16th birthday. Female teacher who had sex with student 16 jailed.

Sex satire uses dark humour to expose the hypocrisy and harm in how we have a double standard when it comes to women who abuse, compared to men who commit the exact same crime.

It is a criticism of our cavalier attitude towards boys who suffer at the hands of women - and it is just as relevant in Ireland today, as the recent case reveals. The teacher - who was convicted of defilement and will serve a year in prison - groomed the boy, while in a position with trust.

Evil woman, 41, 'raped year-old boy 20 times and gave birth to his twins’

She bought him birthday gifts, took him off in her car, bought him a romantic dinner and booked a hotel room so they could have sex. She admitted waiting until he turned 16, believing this was the age of consent, when it is Female teacher jailed for sex with her pupil 16 had 'groomed' him, says expert.

His victim impact statement heard he subsequently developed "serious, life-threatening anxiety and depression" which followed him around like a black cloud. But where's the public outrage?

Woman accused of paying year-old boy for sex | WPEC

Why the relative silence? In contrast to other similar cases involving men in positions boy power, the defining response to this case so far has been ambivalence.

In the no mercy MeToo culture, it appears we have one rule for women, and another rule for men. What does this say about how much we really care about victims? Cultural stereotypes - bolstered by the MeToo movement - tell us men are the perpetual perpetrators and women always the victim. But as the campaign with too far in portraying all men as monsters, it was equally wrongheaded in framing all women as virtuous on the basis of biology. For proof of this, see figurehead Rose McGowan's response to accusations against her friend, actress Asia Argento, who paid off a young man who said they had sex when he was 17 and she was Only if they're female - and the abuser is male.

Society somehow imagines women cannot be abusers, not in the real sense. The default position is it is a physical impossibility; and sex downgraded mentally into a case of under-age sex. We find it hard to comprehend the adolescent boy's body will respond in spite of himself; the damage often only evident in the aftermath. Women can abuse and they do abuse.

Woman fact, numerous studies show selena gomez real naked pic is much more common than we think. Like in the Irish case, it manifests itself in a more romantic fashion, with the woman believing she is in love with the child.

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But it is still about control. It is still sexual abuse.

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Social norms are ingrained. Perhaps on reading this, you might even find yourself justifying it, on some level. He was 16, just a year off being legal. She was only 23 at the time, you might mitigate. Flip the scenario into it involving a male teacher of a teenage girl: The same soft-landing this female teacher has been afforded?

She will be put on the sex offenders register, but the court heard a child abuse expert state she was not a paedophile.