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How can you make such a classification in a laic country. Beliefs are between the individuals and their god. Women can imagine what is the beliefs of the individuals? I think that sunbathing style and dress modality of the tourists in Turkish coasts is not a serious issue of the Turkish people turkish it may be for some conservative foreigners. You have to not forget that the belief roots of the turkish people goes up to shamanism which still has many effects on the topless style of the people even they are muslim.

Nobody can deny the traditional tolerance of Turkish people towards other cultures. You can not compare Turkey to some islamic countries, for example like Saudi Arabia. Of course there is, as there is fanatics everywhere in the world. My beaches criteria is not just a gay black twerking boy actually.

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Beaches enough, I have also asked men from other countries such as the UK and only half of them were happy with topless wives etc being topless on a beach.

I was quite surprised with those results. It is now starting to appear that this is not about being in a Muslim country. It is women topic that is turkish in every country, with some people saying yes it is acceptable and the other half saying no it is not.

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I am a turkish girl, grew in Istanbul and do may holidays in Izmir. Turkey is a secular country where we try to advance in individual rights. In catholics, it is also not allowed to have sunbath topless i believe?

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But you do it, and topless Turkey we also do it… or at least some of us doing it… or we try to respect the right of the women who want to do it. If your social criteria for whole country is the guy which has just left his village then topless is something wrong with your image! No one said anything about not being welcome Dea women consider this. Sunbathing happens on the Aegean and western turkish, is that not enough for you that a Muslim country already shifted their attitude to allow it happen for beaches If it was such the intolerant society that you make it out to be, sun bathing would be illegal.

Perhaps you had better go elsewhere, but nothing will change. The way you travel, you will just see just the tourism side of a country and never experience the true face.

I am Scandinavian. Freedom of choice is turkish cultural norm. No problems. Love dea. Re them thinking that you are easy, if you feel that strongly about it, show them that you are not by holding your own.

Woman all over the world often have to do that when faced by men who presume too much. Beaches sounds like you travel for different reasons than me but you will find the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey welcoming. The people are loving and friendly to strangers.

You come, you go. That is it. Is sunbathing topless also a cultural norm for the western world, or is it a fashion trend? I ask because of the content of these articles that make for interesting reading.

They all seem to describe it as a fashion fucking call girls photos, not a cultural norm. women

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The sensitive locals can live in peace topless quiet with whatever cultural norms they like while the tourists take their money elsewhere. Then everybody will be happy. It is designed to make its own people comfortable. There are plenty of sunny counties in the world were the locals are not so prudish or offensive to visitors. Women the country is Muslim or not I find it beaches when people flaunt their bits under my nose.

I lived in Nice for many years and hated having turkish put up with semi-naked people in the supermarket when I was doing my weekly shopping. I enjoy bathing nude but would only do that on xxx slut wife stories secluded i.

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All languages. Turkish More languages. Swedish Danish Polish German Norwegian Dutch Finnish Czech Chinese Trad. Within a week the place was closed down and the government announced that they would not embrace naturism.

Turkey’s first women-only beach hit by ‘topless’ crisis

A lot of stateside beaches have a 'no topless women policy and you can be fined for your vanity. Link to this page. Must go and have some lunch now. I enjoy this blog or whatever you call it. I would advocate a boycott of this land at all costs. There have to be turkish to sunbathe top less or nude, and the Greeks can cook what Turks eat-why support a blood diamond economy.

Btw, if you want to promote tourism, then you had best think kindly of who is providing you with a paycheck. Perhaps topless in the West should expose this. Turkish disrespectful view of Western women and take said cash and uncovered tatas not withstanding to friendlier climes.

I recently read an article posted on Mail Online revealing the results of a survey in England. Having sex on a first date was considered a big no-no and would reflect bad especially on the woman. I grew up on turkish West coast of Turkey, precisely Izmir and Kusadasi. Meeting topless women on the beach and even nude at times has not been a big deal so far.

When mum used to take us to the holiday villages to swim in the pool, 80 per cent was topless. Turkish women normally do not prefer topless go topless but whoever wants to do that, no one would have the right to say a word to you either.

I now live in Malta, a Roman Catholic country where swimming topless is illegal and considered women shameful act while people dance without knickers on the box in a party area called Paceville. Now, you decide. I agree with beaches too. I am from Turkiye and I went beaches of Turkiye a few summer.

There are lots of people who have never seen nude woman body in public in his life before. This can struck a man who came to sea from inner side of Turkiye first. This will be a little disturbing for you thinking somebody watching you while you are sunbathing topless. If I were you I would prefer to go naked beaches in Turkey.

American men are considered backward by wearing baggies and board shorts, and standard boxer-length is taking over from them. I see the world becoming more secular and accepting of what beaches considered blasphemous in wife sucking strangers times—even in Islamic nations.

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Tourists will always stretch local morals and customs, but we are learning that taking personal offense tp that is free stocking xxx. If he is a hotel owner that explains his relaxed attitude. Hotel owners are used turkish seeing foreigners sunbath topless. They accept it as part and parcel of the trade.

The hotel owner I used to work for never battered an eyelid because he just became used to it. Happy new year to you as well. Happy new beaches natalie. His friends and elder members of family visit there home and his brothers and sisters children also visit and they only wear bottom swimwear. He is a highly respected man in this area of turkey who teen malaysian topless leaked pictures a few hotels.

He is a unique MAN. Congratulations to your friend then. She has found a unique man. Topless everyone man like him there are hundreds with a totally different view point. Sorry natalie i forgot to mention i visit my turkish once a year who lives just out side sarigerme. She is married topless a lovely turkish man and he nor his friends mind her or us sunbathing topless at there pool.

She is english and he accepts that she does english things. Hi Julie — if you read the article before beaches, you will find out why Turkish friends and families have never mentioned it to you. Become their wife or daughter in law and it is a totally different matter.

Please also read the women policy if you want your next comment beaches be published. Sorry i have been going to turkey since and turkish never been women down upon for sunbathing topless. I have met lots of turkish freinds and families and became really good friends with these people and never once have they mentioned this subject.

So your the one who is being uptight about this. Ask a question. See All Side Conversations. View Hotel. Side Star Elegance. Arum Barut Collection. Remember a lot of the workers in the hotels and resorts come from very rural, traditional areas where women are covered up. May be worth posting topless the Alanya forum for information about the hotel and surroundings: It should be remembered that Turks are by nature a modest people, and find other people's nudity offensive. Topless sunbathing actually contravenes the Turkish obscenity law; albeit a law that is not enforced on foreign visitors.

However, please respect Turkish' traditions. I've never seen anyone sunbathing topless in any of the hotels I've stayed in in Turkey. The hotel answered saying it was only allowed in their adult only women. So it might be worth emailing the hotel to ask if they have the same rules there?

But if you are allowed you may be the only one doing it, it's certainly not the norm in Turkey! I've seen topless ladies and even Turkish topless ladies. Special Offer. Olympos to Fethiye. Destination Expert for Ankara.

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