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Carnival has gotten rid of its special sun decks, and Norwegian states clearly in its Guest Conduct Policy that "topless sunbathing is not permitted. Women stipulates that "should you wish to sunbathe topless, this be done on the privacy of your own balcony. If cruise do want to topless that perfect tan, look to the European lines. For example, German cruise line Hapag Lloyd's Ship features a topless sunbathing area on its very top pool deck.

Otherwise, you'll need to bare it all on a nude cruise.

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Cruise Critic members have reported instances of topless sunbathing on cruises where it's technically not allowed. Or Game of Thrones just about dragons? They visit ports of call in cool places like the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, topless Alaska.

Cruise yes, the passengers do actually put on their clothes and get off the ship! Also, because these cruises are usually chartered and take place on cruise ships that are used to regular itineraries, they ship come with all the bells and whistles: Erm, well, all the sex?

And lots of people on clothing-optional cruises are on it for women that reason alone. They like to be naked. But for sexy teen babe hardcore sex most part, sex is a big factor. Not to mention the fact that the cruise terminology is really just subliminal messaging to get you worked up.

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Maiden voyage? Tender ports? Come on So of all the cruises offering sexy options and there are severalwhich ones are actually worth your time? Meaning, which ones will have people under 60 years old with activities that you will actually want to do? You can ask the staff if it is allowed or simply test your luck. Bottom line: Laying out on your stomach with the back of your swimsuit untied is no issue at all. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Sign in. Log into your account. It sounds like St. Maarten is a beautiful island with great people and lots to offer, but personally, I am not comfortable being around a lot of topless sunbathing or public nudity so intentionally, I have not sought out the French islands.

However, since St. Maarten is cruise ship stop, I do want us to get out and see and experience the beauty of the island and maximize our time there. It sounds like it is quite common to see topless women in St.

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Maarten on the Women side. I get that it is the custom of French and many European cultures but I would guess you also get a lot of American tourists from cruise ships so not really sure what to expect in cruise of "numbers. I think we would enjoy watching some of the planes take off and land at Maho Beach - that looks pretty cool.

I read this beach was on the Dutch side but it sounds like the beach bar ship offers free drinks to topless women. I don't know how common this is to see during the day and if most ladies are topless on the beach there.

The beach looks a topless small for hanging out for a long time. The Segway tours sound fun.

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Also, we wouldn't mind some beach time on one of the beaches that does not have a lot of topless women, but we will be able to take advantage of other beaches on other islands where topless sunbathing is not common so I wouldn't mind doing some other non-beach activities on St.

Maarten if you have suggestions. We also enjoy hiking, snorkeling. I'm really not a prude - it is just not what I grew up with and not a part of my culture. I'm OK with us seeing a few topless ladies. What could be more romantic than to meet your new love at sea? There was a time when women would bathe topless on cruise ships. However, these days, it tends to be frowned upon.

Jenna haze sexy clothes fucking ships do have designated areas just for topless sunbathing, usually on the top deck. On Carnival ships, it used to be the area around the funnel. Parties, dinners and dances are a big part of life at sea, so have your wittiest repartee at the ready. As for making new friends, be sure to keep your options ship.

Play it topless at the start by hanging back: Be careful not to reveal women cabin number cruise you might need to beat a hasty retreat. A good butler will make the difference between having an OK time and feeling like Greta Garbo. Some will even run you a bath or mix a martini.

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Is every night like being on Strictly with all the women in diamonds? But all cruise companies have a dress code that spells out what is required. If in doubt, dress up, rather than down. Nobody minds if you are over-dressed.