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We're not going to give the details on what she said about the size of Flav's I'm like, 'Damn! They're already in here. With all of that behind her, the single reality star is still remaining new that one day she'll find true love.

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I don't need anybody slowing me down, telling me I can't do this that or the other. Pollard took her reality TV talents across the pond in the beginning of when she joined the cast of the U. Much like her time on Flavor of Loveshe alienated her houseguests with her wild and outspoken behavior.

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Despite being nominated for eviction multiple times, she somehow, some way, survived 32 days in the house to finish in fourth place. Pollard made worldwide headlines early on in the U. The misunderstanding came when Pollard was cornered by David Bowie's ex-wife, Angie, who was trying to tell her in secret that her ex-husband had died of cancer.

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Pollard heard "David" and reacted too quickly. She flew into hysterics, followed by rage when the housemates finally helped her put two and two together. The clip went viral shortly thereafter. Sadly, that footage has since taken an eerie and tragic turn.

Pollard has since pulled her "David Is Dead" t-shirts from her website, which were designed to poke fun at her on-air blunder.

Flavor Flav has a sizable clock, according to New York.

In FebruaryPollard's new reality series, The Next: It followed six former reality TV stars who, duh, want another 15 minutes of fame. The mother-daughter duo have gone at each other on recent episodes of Family Therapy, particularly after Pollard finds out she's pregnant.

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Meanwhile, sources for The Sun reported in January that Pollard suffered a miscarriage four months into her pregnancy. The father of the baby remains unclear.

Her most recent endeavors have been, uh, a little more low-profile.