Texas tech cheerleader nude

She's killed lions, rhinos, cheetahs, buffalo, elephants, and then posts pictures of herself adorably standing over their bodies. Her pictures have generated controversy, from people who say she shouldn't be so happy to be killing animals some of which are endangered or threatened species.

A petition signed texaspeople successfully got facebook to take down her pictures. She's received rape and death threats until recently there was a nude page with thousands of likes called "Kill Kendall Jones. She also points out that tech of rich Americans do this, and she is only being targeted because she's a hot chick. cheerleader

'Left wing' politician wants hunting Texas Tech cheerleader's nude pics - Houston Chronicle

So the important question is, would you sleep tech her on top of an elephant? Second question- is this a big deal, or cheerleader it only a big deal because she's a chick? Kendall Jones is a year-old cheerleader from Texas and she kills large texas for sport. She killed her first white rhino when she was She looks fake as fuck with all that unnecessary makeup on, you're in the middle of Africa, come on.

I never really thought about that. Nude in the hell is she wearing so much makeup on a hunt in Africa? In related news, that hot Belgian fan just lost her modeling deal after people got upset about her hunting pictures.

Mike Dickinson offers $, reward for nude photos of hunter-cheerleader Kendall Jones - dreamsurf.info

Is it just that people are really anti-hunting, are really attached to certain animals, or is it something about women with guns? Politician solicits sex tapes of teen hunter Bizarre war waged on Twitter account. Post to Facebook. Politician solicits sex tapes of teen hunter Bizarre war waged on Twitter account Check out this story on clarionledger. Cancel Send.

CT July 10, Updated 8: CT July 10, Latest Headlines. Matchbox Cars, Magic: The Gathering, coloring books make Toy Hall of Fame.


Twinkie on display at Maine school for 43 years. Idaho man recaptures poker chip stacking Guinness record. High winds cause waterfall to flow backward.

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That's it. It brings the right kind of attention to Tech imo. Keep your hippy tree hugging ass in Austin, the rest can come to Tech where even the hot cheerleaders have the balls to hunt dangerous game.

Couldn't be more proud to be associated with her and the University. Sorry just had to bump it.

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Been on vacation for the last two weeks and have had very little time to read RP. Posted on Jul 11th,7: I'm sure they are out there. Posted on Jul 11th,1: I imagine daddy has a Barrett he can blow a cantaloupe off a fence from a mile out with. Posted on Jul 11th,2: Posted on Jul 11th, Shinesintx wrote: They talked about it on a local radio show up here in KC.

One defended her cheerleader well. I think this is a non issue tech it wasn't a girl and she nude from Texas I know its texas, but thanks Posted on Jul 12th,5: Me too.

Brian Broom Blog: Politician solicits sex tapes of teen hunter

Texas tech is a nota regional university anymore. Tech is a national university and I would like to see her pictured "everyday I'm a Red Raider" all over the U. Perhaps internationally too. Even in the television commercials.