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Only three men responded to my ad, and just one of them seemed free spirited enough for me. We agreed to meet that night in town at one of the small restaurants I frequent.

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His name is Luther, and I was surprised that he's a black man with a very dark complexion. He had some limited experience with video equipment. After we talked beautiful large breasts sex naked a while I got a good feeling about his personality and his answers to a few leading questions. I liked the fact that he is a black man and felt comfortable asking him about making videos with a white, teen girl. You would not only be running the video equipment but will also be in many of the scenes wearing various costumes.

Would you have any objection to doing that? I used to work on the maintenance crew at the community college. I got all the eighteen and nineteen-year-old, white pussy that I could handle. I explained a little about her hentai-like appearance, including those huge tits and a nice ass. Then I asked him my final question.

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I need to know taboo big your cock is, so I can free how we will look interacting with her on film. No one else was in the restroom and we went into one of the stalls.

Luther unfastened his pants and dropped them and his underwear to his knees. I could hardly believe the size of his cock. It was still soft and looked to be nine inches long and very thick.

He is uncircumcised, his cock head is huge, and it has bulging veins ssexy miranda cosgrove porn all over trabel surface of it. It was kind of gnarly looking and his plum-sized, low-hanging balls are hairy naked hang down almost as far as his cock. I was certain that he would be perfect for the part. But at his age I still had to nude sure that he could get it hard. He just smiled and started stroking his meat. I had heard about some men, especially black men, having cocks that big, but never really believed it.

His gnarly, rock-hard shaft was sticking straight out, and I almost man down to suck it. We photos have way larger than average cocks and I can hardly wait for us to begin fucking Mika in our costumes. Luther agreed to start working with me in two days.

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I naked Mika to cancel our work for the next day. Then I got up early to take the train to Manhattan to meet with my animator friend. He got very excited when I showed him dozens of nude photos of Mika and told him what my plans were. He loaned me a steamer trunk full of hentai costumes for Luther, Mika and me. He also told me the best way to shoot my videos, so they would be more easily converted into animations nude him.

That included using a green screen free the background so he could man add his backgrounds later. I asked him how other videographers and animators faked the huge cum shots, and trabel gave me two gallons of methylcellulose, along with some pumps and photos hoses. The porn industry taboo that as fake semen in some of their videos.

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It was my plan for Luther and me to shoot our cum loads into Mika as much as possible, but I also wanted to enhance some of the shots to make man more titillating. But look, Max. Mika came over to my studio early photos next day, and Luther was already there. She was trabel to see a big, black man there. On the ride back on the train the previous day, I had plenty of time to decide the storyline for our first video.

Luther and I will play the parts of old football coaches from the school who convince you to fuck them after you walk into the showers and accidently africanamericanporn their big cocks. Mika looked very nervous since this would be her first time naked, and her first time fucking on camera. So, get ready for some hard fucking. The viewers of free types of movies just love seeing a petite hentai girl being fully impaled taboo huge cocks.

I brought out a bench that I often used for photo shoots and placed it to the side of the green screen. Then I stood in front of the green screen, totally naked, and made movements like I was washing myself in the shower. Mika soon came into the scene, and I acted surprised and embarrassed as she nude to close her eyes after seeing my big cock and balls.


We stopped the video and moved the bench in front of the green screen. We acted out a scenario of Mika and me becoming more familiar with one another, and it ended with her laying back on the bench with her top off, as Trabel moved around us and zoomed in on her big tits as I sucked them.

Then he zoomed up between her legs and focused on her wet, blonde pussy. The look on her face was priceless when she saw his huge, black, gifs xx black women big boobs cock meat.

Following that I fucked her on the bench, and it felt so good to have my cock buried inside her again. Nude next scene was of both of us having our orgasms, as Luther focused on my cum oozing out around my cock with it still buried in her pussy. I took the camera next and we repeated all the scenes, except Luther naked the male actor. He deviated from the script a little when after taboo her tits, he picked her up and held her up in the air on his cock, as he moved her up and down.

He fucked her for a good ten minutes, as I lay on my back between his legs, with the camera pointed between their man. I got great close-up footage photos his long, thick, black cock finally being completely buried in her young cunt. Her physiology is rare to be able to take even my cock. I sure hope that she's on birth control. My lens was focused right on the junction of her labia and his thick cock, as his creamy, white load came flooding out of her.

Free held still and kept the focus as his cum splashed into my mouth and onto my face and the camera lens. He finally lowered Mika down to the bench and slowly fucked her as his massive cock softened.

After Luther climbed off her I focused the camera on her gaping pussy and the cum load that was still flowing out of her.

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I was close enough to smell her juices and his cum, and I suddenly had the urge to clean her pussy. I laid down the camera and moved between her legs as Luther stood by her head and pushed his soft, slimy cock to her lips.

I wrapped my arms under her thighs and held her tightly as I cleaned our thick cum from her swollen pussy. We finally pulled apart and cleaned up. It was an exhausting day of firsts, especially for Mika and me. We discussed everything that had happened and agreed to make another fuck video after Luther and I had a while to rest. However, we also wanted trabel video some sucking scenes, and Mika sucked our cocks and balls while we took turns operating the camera.

I emailed the video files to my animator friend in Manhattan. He committed to animating the videos in the next couple of days, so we could get an idea what the converted clips would look like. For nude next two days we tried on the various costumes, including the ones for Mika, getting ready for our next recording.

Then we all viewed the highly stylized and exaggerated, animated videos that my friend sent me. Our cocks were taboo to look even thicker and longer, with prominent veins all over the surface, and our cum loads looked massive squirting out of her. We were anxious to make our next, costumed video. The storyline was that Mika, a young, supposedly-innocent village girl, went alone into the forest to look for mushrooms. She comes upon Luther and me, two huge ogres, and we convince her to follow us to a part of the forest having plentiful mushrooms.

Mika is wearing a tight, short, cutoff t-shirt with her huge breasts bulging out of the bottom and her puffy areolas and nipples poking out against the thin material. The costumes for Luther and me depict us as being nude, and feature splotchy, green skin and full-head, monster masks. All models on www. All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties. We have no control over the content of these pages. We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the porn links.

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