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Outrage over year-old's nipple piercing in Sweden

nipple Swedish hospital cancels more surgeries as supply shortage drags on. Swedish hospital cancels dozens of operations over lack of surgical supplies. Swedish dog dies in mystery illness that has killed dozens in Norway. Essential guide: What to do if you need a sick day in Sweden.

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So tired of living in Sweden! It exposes some grave mistakes earlier in the education. I am sure that the inflammation that you would get in a slumber party would teach you a better lesson. Post 9. Post I am constantly amazed by what The Local considers news.

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Pictures - or it never happened. I'm kidding!!!!!!

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Yeah, this probably doesn't seem like an important news story to you, UNLESS you are the mother of a teenage girl, like me. Didi Jr turned 18 yesterday and announced that finally, finally, she didn't need my permission to get a tattoo. She's relatively new to Sweden, and can't speak so much yet, so I had her convinced that nobody could get inked or pierced without their mamma's approval before adulthood. Hope she stays away from this site. Her brother, Skate Punk, is heavily inked.

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My favourite of his tats is a small pine shaped one, like the deodorizers you hang up on your rear view window, with the words Sex Freshener underneath. Won't his girlfriend's dad be happy to see that one?

He had one of a broken skate board and a broken heart that I liked, but every one else thought it was a broken, erm, male appendage, so he changed it to Big Foot.

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You can see now why I took a hard line with pornsoldier younger sister. Marc the Texan. This is what happens when you raise your child to rebel against you. Raise your kids to respect your values by becoming a parent and a role model.

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Don't try to become the peer of your children. The mom can blame herself, for years of following poor parenting theory. Are you saying tattoos and piercings are the result of poor parenting? Then there must be a huge group of poor parents out there, in every country of the world.

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I'd say tats and piercings are just self-expression, but I side with this girl's piercing, who stated that her daughter's body nipple finished developing, and that mom's permission should have been sought.

I call for age limits for tats and piercings just because the teen age mind can't possibly foresee all the artistic ramifications of a Slipknot 4-Evah tat throughout his or her life. The thoughts and bands you want permanently attached to your body at age 14 are NOT likely to be what you want at age 35 although a tasteful Mom tattoo is timeless.

I dont think Swedish was sayign all tattoos and piercings lena nitro bad parenting If the offspring is old enough, or has the parents support, there can obvioulsy be no blame on the parents. Display Mode: Searching a 3 room, 80 apartment near Sundbyberg for a year. Relocation,Delivery services offered in Stockholm Region. Looking for an apartment rent in Landskrona. Unique opportunity for vendors, Xmas gift hunters Individual guidance on moving to Sweden! View all notices Post a new notice.

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