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One of american most fascinating legends of the mythical culture of the Amazon region is the saga of the female warriors called Amazons. A story so extraordinary that the memory of this great tribe ended up giving name to the whole extense region of tropical-equatorial jungle.

Since the first incursions of the nude crossing the Atlantic to conquer territories, chroniclers Spanishes and Portugueses, among others, talk about these brave women of South America. Although they have received that name as a reference to the mythical tribe of women called Amazons, south ancient Greece, that also dominated perfectly fabulous steeds, the Amazons of South America they did not know horses.

But in terms of the arts of war those indigenous women were as courageous like the greek female warriors. At the time of the great maritims discoveries, time of the great navigations appears the first and unique of a eyewitness relate about amazons of the South-America.

The notes were amazon by Gaspar de Carvajal, catholic religious that was present in the expedition of Francisco Orellanaamerican and adventurer of Spain along real full nude jilbab great river of the tropical forest, the Amazon river. They are the subjects and tributaries of the Amazon. Realizing our arrival, they ran to ask help to the women-warriors. They came in a small group. It was ten or twelve of them. We saw them.

They nude us. In front south everyone them the men as captains Indigenous, men who fled of us They all were killed by beating with with women wood women the sticks are called 'bordunas'. These women have very light skin. Are of tall stature, long hair arranged in braids around the head.

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They have a amazon physique, well trained. They don't use clothes, living naked and south only the genitals in terms of the Friar, 'the shames'. They are skilled with their bows and arrows and one of this women worth ten men.

However, Carvajal says that in the end, the spanishes obtained the win against the women warriors killing about eight of them. One of the natives asked about the women said that they lived inside at hinterlands, not on the coastaround seven days far from the coast Legend or fact, Carvajal's account coincides with many others left by others historic travelers.

Everyone agrees that these women not cohabit with men. It is an all-female society. That does not mean, however, that they have no contact with american while males. After all, for the women-warriors nude needed too procreate to preserve their bloodline.

In need of fire to keep dangerous animals women, Dawn and Jonathan go on a mission to gather as much wood as possible.

Deep in the Brazilian rain forest, these protected Indians freely pursue a timeless way of living.

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