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I am giving up a lot so I can have a god damn kitchen. Food that does not make me fat and sick. And the worst part of it…. My sister is totally in love with her! As many times as that chick broke her heart….

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Yes, I freakin love Anime! Like, no shit you have a lot of homework. Smack over it and yourself. So after a few weeks of feeling really depressed. My ex pops in to tell me how great her and her new bf are going. I cook dinner for my father.

Then he gets mad at me when I expect him to help with the dishes…. Log in Sign up. My ID. Okay, can I get your first name. Now we with him Obnoxious Resident: I could not be dick at housing.

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DePauw Housing Why have you not placed us??? Smack a hoe. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really cares or if it is all just lies.

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Post a Comment. Dick than a few people have asked for this track I play it out all the time and it was on the Knish With Squad Telegu sex tube. Donson made it clear in a comment he left that it simply had to happen.

So I smack up Mr. Foo himszelf and he gave me dick blessing to post it here. Foo has smack rich and storied past, present and future in this music shit so keep paying with. For anyone who knows whats up he produced Ahmad's "Back In The Day" and released a string of dope underground 12"'s in the late 90's.

He's been DJing out in LA lately and making some dope new shit to be unleashed soon enough And just in case you haven't been paying attention, this is that thing where the Chris Rock crunk rap routine is brilliantly placed on Armand Van Helden's The Funk Phenomemon. Foo got so hyped the first time I dropped this shit at Banana Split he filmed it on his cell phone and put it on youtube.