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Is endlessly sarcastic.

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Has a lot of travel stories you suspect have key details left out. Has one giant purple saguaro on her nightstand. There you are, folks. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Site Map. Lawyer Amoral alpha males with vaginas. Has a high IQ.

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Is an Ivy League graduate. Is a business school or law school graduate. About the other guys, I mean. They all knew and were cool with getting fucked. Met a guy on Tinder, went out for drinks, fucked him, and spent the night. I then had him drive me home so I could get ready for another Tinder date that evening. I fucked her too. I was a wild teenager. Met quite a few guys online, some older, giving them blowjobs in their cars and sleeping with them on the same day we met.

The 10 Sleaziest/Sluttiest Things Ever Done According To Reddit

Lots of public sex. Gave some webcam shows to strangers. Had a foursome with 3 male strangers in front of voyeuristic party guests. All the dicks, all the holes.

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I pulled a hat trick- 3 guys in 24 hours. Morning sex with one guy, sex for lunch with another, dinner and sex with a third. Literally played innie minnie minie moe over which guy I was going to sleep with not out loud, at least. Recorded myself getting fucked by another guy for my boyfriend, who proceeded to tell me he jacked off to the video three times in one day.

God I love him. If you want to read more slutty stories, click here. All these people having sex and the best thing I can do is get berated by the gf for masturbating in the shower. My gf used to give me shit about it too, that is until I threatened to replace the pulsating shower head with a straight spout. Naivety at its finest. I once had a teacher in middle school who told us that he was gonna have a daughter.

We asked what he was gonna name it. Nebor Lifer. Jun the, 29, 10 Apr 3, 8, 0 A girl at my high school a Christian school told me her numbers were somewhere around 50 in 11th grade. She didn't know the exact number because she said a lot of them were maybe when she was too drunk. She also said she was raped twice by the same guy and raped maybe total.

She didn't seem to care much about it. She seemed to make it a habit of getting totally trashed and not being able to remember what she did the night before. We found her in Ybor City about 30 minutes away from our home town and she said she couldn't find her friends. Sluttiest went home with us and girl up sleeping with one of my friends. My friend admitted she was a slut. He said she was world. Wonder if world visit to get checked for STDs was amazing also. She totally didn't seem to care about her slutty image.

She wore slutty clothes and was constantly sent home from school for wearing too provocative clothing. She was a fairly pretty girl too.

Head to your place? The talked about that night with her ever again, I think she got knocked up a year after college and is married now. Apparently, shotsup's wife. Why do you care? Girl never said we transexual fuck girls thumbs sluts, therefore there is no double standard.

Stop trying to make trouble and just answer sluttiest damn thread. Love it or hate it, you're in a boys club here. This is the stuff we talk about. Slut is the word we use to describe chicks who put out. I'm somewhat confused about the negative connotation here too If something "really sucks" how is that supposed to be a bad thing?

Are they really sexually liberated? Or are they just mad at daddy because he didn't give them enough attention when they were growing up? My personal experience has been the latter. But God bless 'em anyway. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy!

Easiness of Girls By Country

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Recommended Posts. Posted March 2, And what kind of protection did you use and who paid for it? Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. We used condoms I bought at the store or nothing like I said she got off on taking risks. Your mom. Posted March 3, So you used saran wrap for protection and Chef Ramsey paid for it? She blushes. Skip to content. Latest Travel Seduction Lifestyle Menu.

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Dominican Women Dominican Republic is filled with curvy, sexual women. Ukrainian Girls While Ukrainian women are not easy in the sense that they put out fast, they are easy in the sense that a normal western guy has a good chance to bang a girl who is hot enough to be on the cover of a magazine. Polish Girls Polish women are sweet, feminine, traditional, but also some of the easiest women to sleep with in Europe. Thai Girls Thailand is one of the the sluttiest countries in the world, if not, the sluttiest. Haitian Girls Haiti is kind of the Africa outside of Africa.