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Tokyo Adult Guide. Jun 16, Last Seen: Jun 30, Messages: Hi all, We are here with my wife since 1 year, this summer we would like to have some adventures.

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We would like to visit a nudist beach. Later, i read about it that it is somehow closed the entrance of the "secret tunnel is closed" I am wondering, if it is true or not Can anyone please let nude know some details about this issue? Japan anyone recommend us a different place? John Chavers By Jove, you couldn't make this shit up.

May beach, Last Seen: Nov 2, Messages: I would suggest Zushi in Kanagawa. Here, diners can choose live seafood from the market on the main floor and cook it themselves on a little grill.

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For those who find watching shellfish writhe on hot metal a bit too gruesome, there's a non-seafood menu of beef and pork. Visitors can take in a tuna cutting demonstration and shop for seafood, produce, beach and countless Japanese souvenirs.

There are also nude few quality dining options, including a food court and a seafood BBQ spot where you can cook up the fresh seafood you just bought at the market. Umeshu is Shirahama's drink of choice. A few kilometers outside Shirahama on barbara streisand hairy pussy way to the city beach Tanabe sits Nakata, one of Wakayama's biggest ume Japanese apricot fruit processing and brewing factories, which is open for tours.

It's rather fun seeing everyone plodding around in their bare feet through the lobby, wearing their robes to dinner. The town has a decent bus system that will get you to many of the major stops, including Adventure World, the beach, Sakinoyu Onsen, Tore Tore Market and Sandanbeki. Adventure World: Fisherman's Wharf: Tore Tore Ichiba Market: Kaisyu Hotel: I see plenty of dudes not covering anything, and sure there a the junior high kids, who due to their age can't "control" their "muskochans" so they may feel embarassed and cover it up, but as long as you are not "waving it around" in someones face, which Japan have seen a gay Japanese nude with his gay foreing lover waving it in his face and the J gay dude just smiling I think most natives here would not be happy with Mandingo or anyother foreing dude japan it in their face, so apart from that I don't aree with Tim.

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Vaquante is referring to the christian influence that came with the wars end. In a consenting world, this environment could be wonderful, if there was controls over 50 something year old guys following me around. I've always had a good time at hot springs in Japan, especially if they have a kashikiri-onsen or kashikiri-buro.

What I infer from this article is the foreign tourists are middle-aged and probably overweight by J standards ,whose nakedness is embarrassing, and would probably frighten small children. I love being naked often, like the Japanese do.

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But I won't go to this onsen: No, I want the "real Japan", where I am the only foreigner and all the other mixed bathers are Japanese. Then, I feel more special and appreciated. If your going to avoid a public bath because of its ratio of foreigners to natives, then you're doing it for the wrong reason.

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May as well just stay at home and give yourself a sponge bath. I thought it was interesting that the comment of the staffer was that the foreigners walked everywhere naked and it was embarassing, yet the Beach of the company that manages the resort says that the foreigners are "well mannered".

And I've also heard the suggestion to cover your genitals until you're in the water. Makes sense to me. I doubt anybody else wants to see what I have down beach.

It's not a nudist fashion runway, after all. The nudists think onsens are nudist camps. They could actually be arrested for walking naked in non-bath areas. Many countries, such as the US, are embroiled in a politically correct War on Sex. These foreigners are seeking this kind of venue to escape the persecutions of thier own cultures. Can you imagine the outrage of a nude spa in the US? Good Lord, the federal govt would drop everything nude playboy bending over in shirts intended to pass a new law banning it.

Failing social security, medical care, budget deficits, ecomony, war, and all the other massive issues would take a back seat to any new sex regulation. CultureChange - Not sure if you think japan nude spa is the same as a nudist camp, but the Beach does have nudist camps. Not sure if there are others in the US. But you may be correct, having a nude "SPA", as is down the street at your local westfield, may cause a few heads to spin I went to an Onsen at was located at the top story of a small japan center; Next to it was a gym.

Now that is "benri" convenience. Do some shopping, hit the gym and finish off the day with a nice hot-bath Really, no japan, I love Japan! As nudists, they probably keep to the hygiene rules better than most - sitting on your towel etc. I've been there many times and while there are some foreigners, there are hardly tons of them - and most if not all are much more shy than the Japanese as one could quite easily expect. Invited, organized? Is the owner happy about this? This popular beach sees lots of visitors during the japan, and shops renting beach paraphernalia open during the swimming season.

Public facilities include showers, changing rooms and toilets. Katsurahama Japan is a scenic beach in Kochi. Swimming is prohibited at the beach due to strong currents, but beachgoers can still enjoy sunbathing naked babes themes psp sightseeing at the many attractions nearby. Megijima Island beach a small island off Takamatsu. Its sand beach is not far from the ferry port and attracts many visitors during the summer holidays.

Temporary beach huts open for nude during the season, and public facilities include paid showers and toilets. Noto Peninsula. Chirihama Beach is a unique beach which is open to private vehicles to drive on. The beach is also popular for swimming, sunbathing and picking shellfish, and temporary beach huts open in the summer. The sand dunes in Tottori sit right against the Sea of Nude and provide one of Japan's widest beaches. The area is popular with families and groups who come to enjoy the sun and sea.

Beach huts open during nude summer, and public facilities consist nude showers, changing rooms and toilets, while beach outdoor attractions at the dunes include camel rides, paragliding and sandboarding.

Beaches in Japan

It is a popular beach for swimming and sunbathing, and public facilities include showers, changing rooms and toilets. There is an artificial island at the center of the beach featuring restaurants, shops and a ferry port with beach across Hakata Bay. The beach is a popular beach for sports such as volleyball and soccer in addition to swimming and sunbathing. Anything we can improve?

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