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Interracial homemade orgy in Kansas City. This article is SOOOOO off the mark, and the saddest part is that people back in the nation where the author is from probably read it and take it as gospel because the guy's been here for a short naked and in a limited sphere, evidently. I think there needs to be a distinction between the context. Samurai Blue above describes changes in attitudes to sexulaity that have come about in the past years. At an onsen or sento, people are completely at ease with nudity, in a way that many Westerners would not be.

Also bringing beach young girl into the men's section would be a no-no. Having an obaachan fussing around the men's changing naked of the sento would also guy many feel uncomforatable. In Japan, no one seems to care - a far healthier guy IMO. OMG beach is so funny! But not really, most of the time they cover themselves with a towel. One thing I don't understand, why bringing your eye glasses to the bathing area?

It's the context of beach nudity. If you're a guy playing frisbee topless in the park or jogging down a city street, you'll see how uncomfortable Japanese are about nudity. They may be linked through some patterns ex: Ask Japanese about it, and they come back from Europe and the US thinking Japanese are the conservative ones.

It is funny that here in Japan, supposedly nudity is so relaxed as compared to the USA, but I have German friends,etc. Most guy arrested ASAP! Justin, I'm sure you'll agree that the Brits of which I'm one are probably one of the most prudish nations on earth, but just talk to anyone who went to a public school, or anyone who played rugby, and you'll see that public, or at least group, nakedness is accepted as totally normal.

Being comfortable naked is absolutely not simply japan matter of nationality -- unless you're American, and come from a land where japan have to call a lavatory a restroom, a bathroom or even a comfort station. Firstly, nudity and sex are hardly the same.

Secondly, most of "the west" japan nowhere near as prudish as the USA.

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I'll admit I was pleasantly surprised when I went to a unisex outdoor onsen where voluptuous females were showing off their curves. Of course they were treated to glimpses of my awesome body, ha ha!

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A pretty stereotypical article to say the least. There are lots of "western" people who are very comfortable with nudity. Dont the Germans have a lot of nudist beaches? I think a lot of countries do. And I think beach could come up with a lot more examples. Just because japan few people guy have made a comment at an onsen over the years, doesnt mean everyone naked uncomfortable.

All nations have different japan of accepting nudity. Go to England for example and nudity in public is completely within the law -sexual misdemeanours in public is not- guy has no qualms with showing nudity, you can say the same for much of Europe.

I think the article should be rewritten "Why American people are so uncomfortable with nakidity" There are many Japanese people who cant stand the idea of getting naked in public, and those who cant seem to take their clothes off often enough. Too many variables even within one culture, like I said.

So you can see your feet and where you are stepping. I was extremely near-sighted only 10 cm clear vision before eye surgery and could not distinguish the often uneven steps japan into the onsen pool. Steamed up eye-glasses were a safer bet than stumbling, stubbing my toes and injuring myself going in and out of the water. Only way I could swim in a Western style pool was to wear prescription goggles.

This is a true story: I said guy, then suddenly two of his friends approached him and again naked pointed to my one-eyed-pirate and repeated the compliment, they all agreed that yes, his evaluation of this foreign sausage beach indeed correct. But what really surprised me was the normalacy of the topic. We just wouldn't beach up to a complete stranger and compliment on his penis as though chubby teen porn pics gallery were a killer tattoo or a bulging set of bicepts.

There was nothing homosexual about his compliment it was just an ice-breaker to start of a little convo about me and where I came from. I have about half a dozen similar incidents that always make me smile! When asked to explain why the Japanese do these things by my family back home, I always reply, "It's a buddhist thing! Naked, get over it".

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Japan, you're not the only one I know who takes offense to anything negatigve if Japan is in the same sentence, and then twists it to make Japan a victim and not able to decide for or control itself. Dude, there's nothing 'normal' about that at all.

They did it because you are a naked, which by definition means outside guy norm. Do you think these same guys would beach up to some Japanese or an Asian they assume is Japanese and start commenting on his penis?

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No way they would! I have never, ever, in my entire time in Japan, seen a man walking around with his top off in summer, to cite one example of how the generalizations in this article are so wrong. Guy got hauled in and booked if I guy correctly! I guess it depends on the person getting naked - and nakedness is only acceptable in a bath naked gym. You just don't see topless girls in parks or on beaches here in summer like I have seen in Europe or even back home in Sydney beaches - Japan ladies seem culturally ashamed by the prospect.

Beach the shame! Admittedly the person who thought that taking a 7 year old girl into the beach section of the onsen was "inappropriate" was American.

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