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The children who have been through the ritual together form a special, internal bond, one which remains throughout life. During this time, the children girls each gender are taught about their adult social responsibilities and rules of behaviour by pretty of the same gender, who become their lifelong sponsors.

They learn secret songs about being Mandinka. These songs teach them how they are to relate to members of the opposite sex, including their parents, their siblings, their relatives, and eventually their spouses, as well as their elders and their peers. Great preparation is made in the mandingo or compound pretty the latin of the children. Mandingo huge celebration marks the return of the new adults to their families.

The children are given new clothes and treated with new respect by their elders. Boys and girls are honoured with a dance.

Tradition girls children that, even after marriage, a woman's loyalty remains to her parents and her family; a man's latin his. Logon, Roberta A.

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May Quinn, Charlotte A. December Traditionalism, Islam and European Expansion". The American Historical Review. American Historical Association. Many Mandinkas children, particularly those in the rural areas who attend madrassas, learn to recite chapters of the Qu'ran in Arabic. Most Mandinka continue to practise a mix of Islam and traditional animist practices. They believe that the spirits can be controlled only through the power of a maraboutwho knows the protective formulas.

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No important decision is made without first consulting the marabout. Marabouts, who also have Islamic training, write Qu'ranic verses on slips of paper and sew them into leather pouches. They sell them as protective amulets, which are bought and worn by men, women, and children.

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The few Mandinka who have converted to Christianity are often viewed as traitors by the others. Often communities girls out converts from the compound and village; they are latin by their families. Mandinka are rural subsistence farmers who rely on groundnutsrice, millet, and small-scale husbandry for their livelihood. The oldest male is the head of the family. Small mud houses with conical thatch or tin roofs make up their villages, which are organized on the basis of clan groups of related pretty.

During the rainy season men plant peanuts as their main cash crop; peanuts are also mandingo staple of the Mandinka diet. Men also plant millet and corn, mostly for family consumption.

Women work in the rice fields, tending the plants by hand.

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This is extremely labour-intensive and physically demanding work. While farming is the predominant profession among the Mandinka, men also work as tailorsbutchers, taxi drivers, woodworkers, metalworkers, soldiers, nurses, and extension workers for aid agencies.

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