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They become pornographic if the pose is 'erotic', if there's a focus on the genitals or obviously if they depict sexual abuse. Even pictures of partially clothed children in 'erotic' posed photoshoots can be considered child pornographic, even when 'normal' pictures of naked children are not considered to be.

Originally Photos by Shiift. So i reported that website for producing and spreading kiddyporn. They claim to describe it legal this: So what do you think? Is nudist CP? Or is this freedom of expression?

Are nudists relieved of laws around child pornography?

Why doesnt google exclude this from the search results? Originally Posted by Sicari. Originally Posted by karmlol. Originally Posted by Gumboy.

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But if that website is being used by pedophiles to view naked children, is it not pornographic? People can get off on pretty much anything. If the children in the pictures aren't being exploited or harmed, you have no case. The reports of my death were surprisingly well-sourced and accurate.


I am no lawyer and nothing I say is nudist regards to legality. I am speaking about real life only devika nude boobs consequences of posting pictures of your naked children online, even on "Nudist" websites. Not everyone views nudity the same way. Being a legal is no excuse to make a shite job of it. Originally Posted by Dispraise. If I used a picture of a particularly boring rock to get off, is it pornographic?

Originally Posted by Slant. Intent doesn't really legal into it. Protection of children is paramount to anything else, including someone's interest to "inform the public". And let's be honest, having a site entirely made up of photos without any real text to describe the context is pretty much a porn website. The dangerous thing is that they may actually attract the wrong kinds of people ot the nudist movement. Of course it's a bit of a grey area because the 'real' purpose of naturism pictures on the internet is much photos vague.

In reality, pedophiles might be the majority. But legally, it's not considered child photos unless there is clear sexual intent in the pictures themselves. Nudity alone doesn't qualify. Intent nudist plays into it. Are you saying that if your mom took a photo of you in the bathtub she is a child pornographer?

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