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Watch Indian Actress Kajal porn videos for free, here on Pornhub. Kajal agarwals erotica free sex stories Journey of kajal agarwals sex life after she retires from acting Various adventures she undergoes to satisfy her needs!!. I am married with Vivek and having two years son.

Story I am sharing which happened two months back. I am in thirties and my figure is attractive. Hi friends, My name is Manish Agrawal. I am a sissy. My Gillie name is Kajal. My age is This story is a fictional story. It is my first sex story. Please write your reviews to my gmail id. Kajal agarwal and Samantha had done finishing their shootings together for the film in which they acted together. During the time of shooting they become friends very much,even they got into lesbian relationship.

My father was a marketing manager of a reputed MNC company. Little bit about myself. I am sexy and hot married woman of 26 years age who loves to enjoy a lot. I love to wear sexy and hot clothes.

I love story tease men. I am working as sex personal secretary in export-import Company. As you know my boss has shared me with few clients and now was nothing to hide from him for me. Day story Day my old boss always ask me to wear sexy clothes in office so that he can enjoy my looks.

That day I was in tight jeans and sexy tight pink top exposing my sexy curves. My boss called me in his cabin and told me that there is one very important meeting organized at African country. As he will be having some personal important issue, he will not able to make to the meeting. So he asked to lead the out of the family xxx from company side and any how try to win the same.

He briefed me about the meeting and told that from our company side local representative will be available to support me while from other side the senior management personnel will be available.

He asked me to be well prepared as the deal is very important for the company. He told that he is confident of me and sure I will be able to crack the deal by all means. He also told that the clients are having well liking of indian woman.

So he told that with the same kind of charms which Agarwal used last time, I will be able to crack the deal. He asked me to come near him which I did happily. He handed over one packet to me and told that its gift for me.

I thanked him but he asked me to give some better favour to him. Sex asked me to check the dress and show him how it looks on me. When I opened the packet, I found sexy transparent lingerie. He asked me to try pink and show him. I moved to other converted adjoining room and started to change. I found that kajal piece lingerie was one size smaller than kajal one.

So as I wore the same, I found that my almost more than half literotica mom son island was popping out of bra and thong was hardly covering my ass chicks.

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My nipples were also pocking from thin material of bra. As I moved in front of boss, he was exited to see me. He came near story and praised me in the lingerie.

He asked me to go on my knee and asked me to give him some good oral stuff. Saying that he unzipped his pant and showed his dick near my mouth and asked agarwal zeb atlas bear suck him. He made me to suck him for half an hour and cummed in my mouth. He inserted his dick on to her pussy. It was too tight. Jambo broke his way in.

Yours is a virgin pussy? He grabbed her boobs and pinched her tits. He cummed inside her wet and red hot pussy. Jambo stood up agarwal licked her pussy and ass in standing 69pose. Kajal somehow managed to grab his dick and she licked and sucked his cum filled dick!

Kajal liked the salty taste of cum and swallowed his cum. Both jambo and kajal were in their peak mood. Kajal liked the way she was fucked in standing 69pose. Jambo threw her on the bed. Kajal tried to kissed him but jambo tossed her and inserted his dick in to her ass. She felt extreme pain but let jambo bang her. Kajal was having fuck sex her life. She squirted and he cummed in to her ass. He inserted his dick inside her pussy and gave her a heavy ride.

He took his dick out in the middle. Kajal pleaded to insert his dick kajal her wet pussy. Back home, manoj was on trip as usualFIL story on pilgrimage and kiran story gone on a trip. Servents had gone home. Kajal woke up from sleep and she had dinner. She was wearing a pink gown tight fit which protruded her boobs. After a few min, she started sweating. She switched on AC and loosened her kajal.

Her cleavege was clearly visible and was a channel for her sweat to flow. She was breathing heavily and her boobs rose and fell to the breathing. She switched on the TV and a hot song was playing.

She could not resist and her hand involuntarily touched her crotch from above the gown. She started to rub it and let out a soft mourn. The other agarwal touched her boobs and she was squeezing it and slapping it. This continued for a few minutes where she was kajal by powercut. She was high and she somehow needed to release her pressure.

She sex rubbing and fondling were of sex use.

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She needed to fill her pussy with something and she had to b humped. She stood up ,switched on her mobile torch light and went into kitchen. She searched, knocked down a few vessels and finally found her gold. They cleaned up a kajal and then lied next to each other and started kissing passionately and he started rising all over sex …. Kajal started rubbing her pussy on his dick to make it more n more hard and at the same time story turn herself on with it rubbing her clit agarwal ….

When he was hard …. He got on her and started entering her and Kajal was moaning in excitement …. And slowly he was completely inside her and started making long stroked inside her wet pussy ….

Kajal Agarwal has a Problem Ch. 02

Kajal love the way he strokes … … Slowly at his own sweet pace and then all of a sudden will increase it …. And as excitement grows Kajal match his stroke to stroke …. At the same time her finger nails were either scratching his back or caressing it … Excitement was rising within her big time and Kajal shivered and had her orgasm while he continued ….

And continued ….

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They were locked in a deep passionate kiss and Kajal could sense him increasing his speed and also could feel him throbbing a bit …. Kajal also increased her speed and came all over again …. And still kept going on with the motions and slowly his throbbing increased and he released all his sperms inside her ….

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Love the feeling of the hot liquid inside her … … And they lay next to each other with him still inside her and they kissing each other and her caressing his hairs … … Such a lovely feeling it was …. And they covered themselves with blanket after cleaning up a bit and slept hugging each other …. Kajal amazed how he surprises her with some minor surprises for our love making sessions … And she just loved doing it in the balcony and am sure neighbors might have heard a bit of action ….

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