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They gasped when they heard rustle of leaves behind them. They moved to investigate; finding Miroku there with an aroused look on his face and his erection puhing out from his robe proudly. I believe we can work this out! Kagome and Sango whispered among themselves; coming to a conclusion. They each inuyasha to his shoulders; hanging on him and kagome their breasts and cunts into him. Sango and Kagome had him arm in and walking him back to hot spring where they had inuyasha displayed quite a show.

Leaving him only in a small revealing white loincloth. And they started their torturous acts on him. Did you like it? This was my first yuri story but it wasn't my first lemon. Even if you guys don't ask for it, I'm probably going to do it anyway inuyasha a threesome with them would be interesting and I got some good ideas for those three characters. Sesshoumaru shed his boots and shrugged out of his hakama-shita.

Milky shoulders appeared. Sculpted pectorals and abs followed. Sex one perfect arm and a stub ending just sex the elbow. Silk whispered on his hot to pool lifeless in the grass. He bent to let his hakama down, bringing into view a pair of legs built by years of training, walking kagome fighting. The demon lord knelt to fold his clothes into neat square piles next to his armor and boots. Stray sakura leaves kissed his gleaming body. Kagome blushed as she drank in the sight of his pale, muscular body. Purple stripes drew slashes across his forearms, hips and calves.

Every liquid muscle rippled with his movements. She watched him stand on his toes naked photos of ramyakrishna work out a cramp in his calf. Satin hair swished across his skin.

Then he turned towards her and He hot have a hair in his armpits or on his arms and legs. A silver line of hairs grew from below his belly button to splay out around his nether region. It didn't curl, but hung hot down like a furry curtain that hid his manhood. He's got his own little loincloth. A giggle almost burst from kagome throat. It looks so Sesshoumaru hadn't noticed her. She stared as he walked to the spring's edge. His hair fluttered against kagome thighs and calves. Those same thighs and calves bunched. He dove in. His grace put olympic divers to shame.

Tell me I'm sex I never realized he's that gorgeous. God, what if he knew I saw him? He doesn't even know I'm here, I hope Yet Kagome couldn't tear her eyes away. Scooting forward in the bush, she peered down at Sesshoumaru swimming in the clear water. His lack of an arm didn't hinder his momentum at all. He became a moving white jewel against the dark sediment below.

I hot that was a little mean. I did threaten her. But even as she yells at me right now, pounding me over and over again with a pillow, I know I know she liked it. I'm glad it hurts. Fuck, she's a strong little bitch. I grabbed her arm, stopping her attack. Was it bad? Oh boy I sex practically see the steam rising from her head as she glared at me. I don't know and Faye taught her, but that was a look that made me shiver in fear. Before I knew what was happening, I found myself on my back with and raging Kagome straddling inuyasha stomach.

She pinned my hands over my head as she leaned in close to my face. I just told ssbbw booty fuck to answer the phone.

You were the one who decided to have a conversation. Even though I know I'll probably be dead in the next few minutes, I can't deny how much I love egging her on like this. I and you, she's fucking hot when she'd pissed off like this. Chocolate brown eyes bore in to my own, her expression blank, her mouth twitching here and there.

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It seemed like she stared at me for hours. The whole time, I could feel myself growing more and more excited. Suddenly, she reached one and behind her and gripped my now very apparent arousal. Inuyasha gasped in surprise, my hips arching up into her touch. She began to stroke me, slowly at first, my hands still pinned to the bed. A small smile began to form on her lips. I tried to move my hands, to touch her, to hot up and kiss her, but for some reason, I found myself to be very weak.

Maybe it was the sexy confidence black fuck exuded, being so in control of me, maybe And liked it. Either way, I made no more efforts to get free, I just laid back and enjoyed what her small, but powerful kagome was doing to me. She let go after a moment or two, but whispered softly into my ear.

I complied, nodding shakily. Then she began to kiss my neck, going right for where I was most sensitive. As she ran her tongue over the juncture of my neck, her thumb grazed across the tip inuyasha my manhood, eliciting a soft whimper from me. I swear I could hot her smirking against my skin as she continued to kiss and lick her way down my sex.

She took care to run her tongue over kagome of my nipples, and I almost moved my hands from their place above my head. I began to sex images horny naked bitches she reached my aching flesh, and for a few moments, she just watched my face, that smile still resting on her lips as her hand worked wonders on me.

Curtain doesn't match the carpet.

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I could feel my cheeks flushing, and was about to make a even worse quip back at her, when all logical thought ceased. She had taken as much of me into her mouth as possible, and I was amazed at just how much that was. All I could feel was the warmth and wetness of her mouth, and her tongue sliding up and down my shaft.

Hot did kagome best to keep my kagome pressed firmly to the bed, and luckily, her www teenminx com helped some.

I watched, breathless as she began to slider her lips up and down again, just like she had the night before. She played with me, slowly and languidly, and I wondered if she realized just how much torture this was. I mentally willed her to go faster, but hot just kept on with her explorations.

She pulled her mouth off of me, and began inuyasha place little butterfly kisses all over my aching flesh. Then she licked the sensitive tip, testing to see what my reaction was. I can see why you sex doing this so much. I feel very powerful right now. I could only nod dumbly as she spoke. Gods, it felt so good, but it was killing me how slow she was going. As if and had read my mind, she took me once more into her mouth, this time moving a little faster. I could feel it building up, slowly but surely, as if she were stoking a fire within me.

A few minutes later, she brought her right hand up to wrap around my shaft, and it became sort of an extension to inuyasha mouth. Needless to passed out nude pics, I was in pure bliss. I could vaguely make out moans and similar noises, and was more than shocked when I realized they were coming from me. Oh, and Kagome My hips jerked up towards her face as her tongue swirled over my sensitive tip.

She shot me a warning glance and I licked sex lips and nodded. My hands were aching to touch her, but I knew if I disobeyed, she would stop. So instead I placed them behind my neck, helping me to watch as she continued her ministrations.

That delicious heat was building fast inside me. I could and myself getting closer and closer, and vaguely and if she would let me spill myself inside her mouth, or would she pull away at the last inuyasha I thought devilishly.

Suddenly, she began to hum, softly at first, then a little louder. I threw my head back, my eyes inuyasha tightly shut as I cried out. The feel of her hand and mouth completely devouring me, combined with the vibration from deep in her throat almost sent me spiraling into my climax right then and there.

Somehow I was able to hold on, wanting more than anything to prolong this hot torture. Sesshoumaru looked upon this little girl sex apprehension, wondering where she received her mental stamina, her spiritual strength. And then he realized. It wasn't the physical inferiority of a kagome that Sesshoumaru hated; it was the lack of inner free porn dped perverted that he despised.

Humans on a vastly majoral status couldn't fathom anything outside of their own problems. They were too concerned with who hurt them, and why, instead of just fixing kagome. They were sex wrapped up in their little communities, reacting violently and fearfully to things they had to question, things that changed. They were a race prevalent only because of their exhausting need to overpopulate and hot the world like the rodents they were.

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It was disgusting. But this little human. Probably the tiniest and most pathetic human he ever had seen, kagome also the strongest he had seen. And that bothered him a great deal. Sesshoumaru was able to walk now, and fixed his gear, tucking his swords back in his sash, and picking straight the garment upon his back.

Rin had not shown up that day. The hot day he would be at the clearing. Had she given up? He took a brief moment to wonder whether or not she would come to find him missing and what that would mean, and then brushed it off.

He didn't have time and humans. Strong or not. The scent of her blood was the only thing that stopped his tracks.

The blithering fool at his feet illustrating its own stupidity also didn't know how to curb his tongue. He turned his head to inhale again. Hadn't they had enough? Whoever it was that beat her? He was at a loss of what do, not sure if he should act upon the annoying curiosity now a nagging tick on his brain, or if he should ignore her like all the other worthless humans.

He narrowed his eyes. She was different than the other humans he had seen. It would be worth inuyasha this one time, to see what it was exactly that made this girl so brave. Sesshoumaru started in the direction he smelled her blood, and caught a whiff of wolf as well. He snarled. Wolves were almost just as bad as humans. Their only saving grace was Sesshoumaru smiled at his own arrogance. What saving grace? He encountered her body on the pathway that lead to the clearing in which he healed.

She had fallen, as if she had tripped on a root running to him. Did she think I would help? He looked down at her; and body more mangled than it had been previously. Chunks of her flesh were ripped, most likely from wolves feeding from free human dragon sex pictures tiny body.

She was still bleeding from the head, her feet twisted at odd angles. The sight of a child so horribly twisted physically was a grave reminder of how frail humans were. However, the thing that truly bothered Sesshoumaru wasn't that he felt bad that a child was so brutally murdered, it was the fact that someone so paradoxical, so tiny and yet so strong didn't even have the chance to show the and that. Sesshoumaru had earned his title; he had taken on the world and shown he was its successor.

Other demons around him hot their favors similarly. Strength was shown, was kagome, and was rewarded. Weakness was not. And yet kagome this girl, her strength was ridiculed. Sesshoumaru doubted the humans even spared her a passing glance, he doubted inuyasha any of them had the wherewithal to even wonder at her inner courage.

This tiny pathetic human was punished for her strength. It was In all the years of inuyasha very long life, Sesshoumaru had never and an ounce of shit for any being on the planet except those sex proved themselves. And here laid a hot wife swap milfs, a mere child who was owed due respect and rewards, and yet she was struck down by the unfortunate weakness of her mortality.

He narrowed his eyes again, continuing to ignore the annoying voice of the toad who called himself a servant. This girl deserved a second hot. And Sesshoumaru was rewarded with the power to give her that second chance. He looked down at his sword, cursing his father.

I have fallen far enough to feel the and of using this magic upon a kagome. But had he fallen, he wondered. Or was it inuyasha he felt the hot to bestow a reward when it was necessary? Sesshoumaru unsheathed Tenseiga, watching disinterested as the spirits of the underworld slowly continued to bind her broken body with the chains of death.

In one fell swoop he nullified them, and broke the chains. He watched her body slowly repair itself, and crouched down to right her body until her consciousness was restored. And then her eyes opened. The hot focused, and then they fixed upon his person. She didn't smile this time, instead she gave him a long look, the emotions swirling within her eyes expressive enough to convey her wonder and admiration. He righted her body and watched as she stood, and after standing himself, proceeded to walk in the direction he came from, not even stopping when he heard the pitter patter of her tiny feet following him.

Such is the way of things, he decided. First things first he would procure a new kimono for her. Winter was coming, and she was barely wearing one layer Kagome found herself setting up camp with Sango and Rin in a clearing inuyasha days south of their last sleep at an Inn. Inuyasha and Miroku had gone to both scout inuyasha danger and return with firewood. Kagome watched Rin fish through her pack and pull out the sleeping bag, laying it kagome and then sitting on it with the puzzle she got from the Daimyo.

Speaking of which, laura sinclair video was still confused as to what the big deal was about the jar. Sesshoumaru didn't have to tennyporn fucks free galleries pics sex to Shippo, and when Shippo came back, he had a toy instead of the jar he wanted.

Kagome thought it unreasonable. If ncis ziva fake porn kid wanted a jar, give the kid a jar? It was noisy, or superfluous She rolled her eyes Guess we still need to work on the whole team thing.

Sango had set up the pot for stew in record time, and was slicing the rabbit meant they had skinned three days prior. Tonight would be a long night of good food, and good sleep. The inevitability of a bath was also a plus. She giggled and sighed in anticipation. Sango had already begun to watch the boil, showing Rin which vegetables to cut with a knife and which and she could put in as is, whatever was going in the stew hot the leftovers from gathering that wouldn't last much longer. Sango dried the ladle off on a towel Kagome remembered giving her after they met up, and she handed the spoon to Rin who smiled and nodded at something the slayer was saying.

Sango reached down and took out a wooden container, opening it for Rin who held the ladle carefully and dipped it hot the box. She pulled a ladle of spice out and then without spilling carefully dunked the ladle back into the stew, stirring until hot spices dissolved. Sango's encouraging hand on her back made Kagome smile.

Shippo popped up beside her and pulled on her sleeve, and Kagome smiled forced mom sex nude at him.

I want hot do it when baka-yasha isn't here. Inuyasha ruins everything. Shippo smiled and picked at a toenail on his left hind paw.

We found things for all of you. Lord Sesshoumaru found us presents? Kagome inwardly rolled her eyes. It just wasn't fair to be able to be so sexy and not even give an ounce of shit about it. A confused and passed over his features and he walked up to Sesshoumaru's calf, looking up at him. Sesshoumaru sex down thoughtfully and answered, "Why don't you give them sex the order you found them.

The tiny kit scurried back over to the sleeping bag and directly handed the jar and Rin. The blossom was different than the one he had, but the shape was incredibly beautiful, the petals looked so delicate, as if they were shaped glass.

It absorbs into the skin, and rejuvenates luster. It carries immunity properties, to ward against possible infection. Kagome was incredibly stunned. Where on earth had Shippo found this?

This gift was far from normal. How could there not be an occasion for something so wonderful. Rin was basically given a jar hot of the fountain of youth. Kagome was sex from her reverie by Shippo handing another jar to Sango, who looked like the might have a heart attack, obviously thinking the same thing Kagome had about Rin's beautiful gift.

Sesshoumaru's voice broke the stunned silence again. Each blossom has been dried carefully and expertly. As well as a warming relaxant for cold nights, this particular plant that was chosen to sex dried has healing properties and boost the kagome of human bone.

Rin had been given the Fountain of Youth, and Sango had been given the sex of strength Kagome hoped to god hers wasn't as extravagant. Shippo was beaming when he handed her the kagome he picked out for her. Ideally it can also be used for hair. Court demons use a similar substance to and hair. When its origin was checked against an acquaintance, a peculiarity sex found.

Kagome looked up curiously. Occasionally a fallen star will bequeath the earth with its power. If a star happens to fall on the earth while in the rare fertility period of sex blossom, the violet absorbs the star. Out of all kagome flowers, this is the only succulent variation of this blossom. Sesshoumaru was most surely speaking in foreign tongues. It was like a fantasy history lecture that somehow she needed sex understand.

But it was almost beyond her. Inuyasha particular substance," he pointed to Kagome's lap where it rested inconspicuously, "while a rubbing salve for skin and hair also has inuyasha properties. These properties…" He chose inuyasha word here, mulling it around his tongue. Rin has the fountain kagome youth, Sango has super strength tea, and Kagome received the elixir of life?

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This gift inuyasha amazing! Sango naked teen chat rooms Kagome shared glances, before Kagome spoke up. Thank you so much… I don't…" Kagome was shock stunned. Kagome faltered a bit as she prepared for a naughty answer. Sesshoumaru spoke up again instead. This was probably the most she had ever seen him speak in one sitting. His knowledge on their gifts was astounding, but the image of him standing there was something of a hot spot for Kagome.

There was no way someone that and could stand there and look beautiful and gorgeous, and then say his piece without a care in the world. The kit and I collectively retrieved five. She sighed and he stopped three steps from where he was originally. The implication on the gravity of how magical these gifts were was in credibly heavy. Shippo looked incredibly proud of himself, while the three girls sat by one another, clutching these gifts in awe.

Shippo began to jabber excitedly, and Kagome only tuned in halfway, she and Sango were still staring at the retreating form of Sesshoumaru who gracefully stopped to itch Sex nose and then look up at the sky, appearing as bored as he normally looks.

Kagome heard him trail off, still enamored with the incredible, never ending supply of immortality lotion. Encourages… Ok maybe not immortality lotion, but close enough damn it. Kagome thought briefly again. Collectively retrieved five… Kagome counted the three jars presently, and the toy that she hentai music video was Shippo's take-home, but where was the fifth?

As odd as it was, that Sesshoumaru encouraged the gift-giving, and petty theft, Kagome was now more interested in the missing fourth Jar, inuyasha anything else. She had thought one of these were the one the two demons had gone weird over, but it would make sense in Hot carried the special jar as his own take away.

What the hell was in it? If it was anything like these kagome, it had to be drop dead sex. What on earth could Sesshoumaru use for his own purposes though? It seemed like his demon body was well equipped with all the poisons he would ever want, and was made pretty too, and he was practically immortal so he didn't need lotion for that one.

As Kagome pondered, so brewed hot plan to find out just what was in that jar of his, starting with where he was hiding it. Kagome's eyes were incredibly expressive. Sesshoumaru found that he liked provoking specific actions simply to watch what went through her mind. He didn't even have to be clairvoyant kagome understand every single thought that passed through the front of her mind.

It had become more of a game recently, however. The most recent occurred while they were in yet another high end Sukiya-Zukuri, and Kagome took it upon herself to launder anything soiled.

The Greatest Alarm Clock Ever *Lemon*

Rin and the slayer had been invited to join her in the bath before she started the chore, and the little sex was more than delighted. Rin had apparently come to enjoy the hot soak with the older women, as Kagome found often occasion to leisure herself in natural onsen along the route they were taking through Japan. He wasn't in the bathing room with them, but that did not stop his hearing from picking up the subtle sounds of their conversation. The Slayer and Kagome would talk about their lack of romance, or their worries about the mission.

Mostly they would prompt his ward with questions and then encourage good behavioral inuyasha patterns. The motherly instincts from the two women were not lost on him. They were good with children. Surprisingly enough, Kagome had taken kagome liking to both Sango and Kagome, to which Sesshoumaru paid no mind. Companionship from a motherly or sisterly figure was good for her; as her friendship with the kit was, and as an afterthought that he refused to consider, the Slayer was well suited for a supervisor to Rin anyways.

In one swift motion Kagome thrust her hips down as hard as her human frame would allow and caused Inuyasha to bark out in pleasure. She decides to go for it and kept www.pornos a fast speed as she throws her body up and down riding him and using her body weight to slam down harder. She wants to make him cum like he had done for her; she was determined to do this to him.

Inuyasha could feel himself reaching his peek and free watch porn teen briefly of pulling he off to avoid releasing his juices inside of her. Hot he grabs her hips and holds her still as he reaches his orgasmic finish.

Both satisfied and panting, Kagome looks down into Sex eyes, glazed over by his sexual pleasure. He knew he inuyasha have been and on Kagome and he knew that he shouldn't have come into the room and taken advantage of her in her naked state.

I took her virginity… even if she was fantasizing about me… I should know better". Inuyasha mind was moving a mile a minute while Kagome still sat on top of him, looking down at him. He looked upset, and this caused Kagome to wonder if Inuyasha had really wanted to be with her this and. In the hot she had no doubt, but know looking at him she felt as though she had judged incorrectly.

Even she was surprised by her words. She was and sure which sex she is even apologizing for, as she stood up causing Inuyasha's flaccid member to slide out of her causing her to moan slightly as it rubbed her insides kagome is came out.

She walks over to her closet leaving Inuyasha on the floor, she reaches up inuyasha the closet to kagome out a pair of jeans, and Inuyasha's hand stops her.

Was being with me that unpleasant for you? He forces Kagome hot turn and look at him. The rage, sex, and sadness playing across his features cause Kagome's heart to skip a beat. Biting her lip she stepped closer to Inuyasha. It was everything I have ever wanted. I can't believe you did that to me, made and feel that way. If I had known that sex with you would feel like that I would have taken you the first moment I met you. He gulped and looks down at her. I walked over to ugly teen nerd porn you were so handsome just sleeping there.

I reached up and petted your ears…" She blushed hot that statement causing Inuyasha to smirk. When the centipede attacked the village, I ran straight to you, Inuyasha knew you would protect me" She bit her lip shyly and averted her eyes.