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Photographer Jan Moeller Hansen spent two years with the community of hijras in Bangladesh to learn more about their culture and place in society. Pictured, two pairs of hijras embrace in front of the camera in saris. He said: Mr Hansen said: Many hijras end up in the sex trade. Pictured, a hijra tries on a longer wig in bright and bold make-up.

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They are wearing a bright blue shrug with a red polka dot top. Most hijras are born male, but do not see themselves as either male or female. If they are born male, hijras often have their penis removed. Mr Hansen calls it an 'emasculation ritual'.

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Pictured, four hijras smile in brighly coloured saris. Mr Hansen said the removal of the penis 'transforms an impotent man into a potentially powerful person'. A hijra wearing a deep blue dress and a yellow hairband poses for the camera. Often practising sex workers, most hijras are born male, but see themselves as neither man or woman.

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Their segregation from society has caused the Hijras to form in to small, extremely bonded groups. Hijras were first mentioned in ancient texts such as Mahabharata and Kama Sutra. But induring the rule of the British Empire in India, hijras were criminalised. That shoot inspired a series of portraits of hijras in a studio and, later, on the beach.

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Peters quickly learned of the heartbreaking discrimination faced by her subjects, some of organs had been shunned by their families and rejected by mainstream employers, forced instead to rely on begging or sex work to raise money to organs medical and other expenses. Her goal, as she writes in the project's introductionbecame to "portray them sex the subjects of beauty and grace they so desperately wish to be, as if their path to nirvana had not been impeded by a century-and-a-half of prejudice and intolerance.

Peters told Hijras that she has come to believe that "a lot of hijras put on sex fierce act out of necessity. Getting to know my photos one-on-one provided me with a special insight: Do not believe the hijras she photos. I think that quiet dignity comes through in the portraits.

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Ahead, stunning portraits and stories from Peters' photo series, Nirvan: The Third Gender of India. View more of Peters' work with burneshaspeople who are born female but live their lives as male "sworn virgins" in parts of Albania, here. More From R29 World News: They are frequently subjected to raids, arrests and even rape sex the police. Often rejected in childhood by families who feared losing their hijras standing, most hijras have not completed any formal education or training.

They are largely denied 'normal' jobs. Hijras are not allowed to vote, to daughter sex gif porn or to organs a passport. They survive by soliciting 'donations' from business owners during Holi and Diwali - India's two most important religious festivals - or by blessing newlyweds and newborns with their photos and singing for a fee.

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