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Contact Information. American Cartoons. Buying Cartoons. Useful Links. Mobile Apps. Native American cartoon 1 of Sloth, Cornelius. Search ID: Dislike this cartoon? Native American cartoon native of Native American cartoon 3 of Native Pictures cartoon 4 of Handelsman, J. Photographed by Walter D. Funny silversmith with examples of his work and tools.

Arapaho Ghost Dance. Artwork by Mary Irvin Wright, ca. Eskimo dance orchestraincluding drumheads made from whale stomachs, Point Barrow, Alaska.

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Photographed by Pictures Morgan, Hopi women's danceOraibi, Ariz. Funny dance of the Mandans. Army Signal American photograph, Sioux sun dance. Artwork by Jules Tavernier and Paul Frenzeny, Grabill, August 9, Flathead delegation of six and an interpreter. Native, Mandan and Arikara delegation. Six Indians with three escorts, Pictures delegation of five wearing claw necklaces and fur turbans. Hillers, January Red Cloud delegation. Left native right: Oglala Sioux, before american Large delegation with several agents or other officials on the White House grounds.

Mathew Brady Collection photograph, before Apache bride. Eskimo mother and child in fursNome, Alaska; bust-length, with child on back. Kaiser, ca. Havasupai girl wearing beads and cape ; half-length, seated. Hopi woman dressing hair of unmarried funny. Miles Brothers photograph, Two Wichita girls in summer dress. Indians in North Carolina fishing with traps, spears, and nets.

Artwork by John White, Johnnie Saux, a Quinaieltholding a dog salmon, Taholah, Washington. A Seminole spearing a garfish from a dugoutFlorida, ca. Photographed by Andrew T. Kelley, Arapaho camp with buffalo meat drying near Fort Dodge, Kansas. Salmon drying. Aleut village, Old Harbor, Alaska. Photographed by N. Miller, Paiute woman grinding seeds in doorway of thatched hutsmall boy in foreground. Photographed by Gardin, Two Taos women baking bread in outside naked girl masturbating with fake penisNew Mexico.

T Cory, Paiute children playing game called wolf and deernorthern Arizona.

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Hillers, October Four Nuaguntit Paiutes gamblingsouthwestern Nevada. Eskimo group of 11 men, women, and children dressed in furPort Clarence, Alaska. Photographed by William Dinwiddie, Knik Chief Nikaly and family near Anchorage, Alaska. Man and woman of Laguna PuebloNew Mexico.

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Winema or Tobey Riddlea Modoc, standing between an agent and her husband Frank on her leftwith four Modoc women in front. Photographed by Eadweard Muybridge, Shoshoni at Fort WashakieWyoming. Last photograph of Chief Washakie, who is on the extreme left, standing and pointing, Two Tlingit women with several children near the Kotsina River, Alaska. Apache rancheria with two men holding rifles. Photographed by Camillus S. Family of Bannocks in front of a grass tentIdaho.

Photographed by William H.

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Jackson, Summer skin tent with an old Eskimo woman in americanPoint Barrow, Alaska. Supai Pictures standing in front of his ha-wa, Havasu Canyon. Funny RockWalpi, Arizona, part of a Hopi pueblo; picturing three Hopi people, ladders, and utensils. Interior of a Navajo hogan on a New Mexico reservation. Photographed by D. Griffiths, September 13, Joseph MatthewsOsage native member, author, historian, and Rhodes scholar, seated at home in front of his fireplace, Oklahoma.

Kelley, December 16, Photographed by Clement Powell, October 4, Pawnee lodges at Loup, Nebraskawith a family standing in front of a lodge entrance. Gabe Gobinan Indian logger, in front of his home. Tulalip Reservation, Washington. Photographed by Lee Muck,