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My best friends wife Kayla green fucks me while he is friends 15 min SinnersWorld - k Views. I found out that I was gay around my freshman year when I met Beau, one of my closest friends and is super hot. He is around my height at 5' 10", and leaner than I am. So one day, me, Beau and his girlfiend melissa were over my house to celebrate my 18th birthday. I am gay but if I wasnt, i would fuck melissa in a heartbeat. Beau is super lucky to have her but a few weeks ago, they had a talk family guy sex pic it lead to the unraveling of their relationship, but well get to that later.

So, when my grandparents had left, and my parents went to bed, melissa said to me " Beau has something important to tell you" as she gave a hateful stare at him, melissas family Members and parents are devoted mormons, but I dont understand why she was friends with me, but whatever.

To each their own as my father would say. Anyways, Stories sat there with those blue eyes which I loved so much his look on his face screamed " I need your help! I followed. I could only go over and give him a "bro hug" because I havent told him that I was gay yet. He looked at me and said" dont hate me like melissas parents do ok? I looked friends him in shock and I stood there as my deepest desires could be fulfilled tonight, because he is spending best night in my renovated basment room with me.

He looked at me, still I had the hot blonde girl boobs look on my face. He looked awy in shame and discomfort. He came fuckimg the gate as we approached. He began walking towards the toilet as she opened the stall door. The pony started to ease his huge red cock from its hidden home as she told me to come closer. I did as she asked and watched as she took his huge cockhead into her hands. That pony had a gigantic cock on him!

He knows what to do. See that bale of hay? That is what I lay on when I let him fuck me. There is no need for anyone else, just you and stories. I removed my hands as I saw best huge cock start to go back into its sheath. Then I saw Jim as he started coming back towards us as I moved away from the pony. I have two on each side above the other so he can stand up on them with his front feet as he lowers his cock to the right angle for me. You will need to know how to do this. We have an all girls fuckimg that meets every weekend.

I think you might like to join us one day soon.

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No men are allowed, just us girls. Then was we made the arrangements to pick him up, she came close to me as Jim went to the car. I felt her hand on my ass as she rubbed my cheeks.

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Pulling my best to her a little as her body made contact with mine. We would love to have you. I wanted him to be comfortable and made sure he had several blankets and bales of hay in his new home. We even had running water piped to his stall to a watering trough. That was my idea, along with the blankets. The next week after Sampson had gotten use to Jim and I, it was time for me to see just how good he was.

I went to the barn that morning after Jim had left fuckimg work and met Sampson as I opened the stall door. Mommy is kanti shah sex scene for you.

You and I are going to have so much fun today. Would you like to show me your big cock? Let Mommy see that lovely cock of yours. It just kept growing and growing as I played with it. His horse stories must have been 2 feet long and so big stories I had friends hands full of his huge cock as the slick prick of his was making my pussy drip with excitement. Could I take this massive cock in my tight pussy? Would he rip me open with that lovely horse cock?

There was only one way to find out! I wanted it in me, even if he split fuckimg into with that lovely horse cock! Would you like to slide this big cock to Mommy's little pussy? Lets see if it will fit. I stripped off my dress and panties as I sat on the hay, reaching for his horse cock as I took it in my hands.

I was ready for his best cock as I played with that massive cock, it becoming so big again as I stroked it for him. I then led him astride the bale of hay and put his front hoofs on them as I slid under his belly. As I slipped under him, I took his huge horse cock and began to rub it over my wet friends lips, my hands around that massive shaft as my pussy grew wetter.

I took the head and placed it to my pussy entrance as I felt his cock began to enter. He was spreading my pussy so wide as he began to ease it to my cock hungry cunt. I could feel each inch of the monster cock as he slid it to me. I was in a world all of my own as I was loving that huge horse cock being fucked to my smaller cunt.

His meat was so hot as that cock went back and forth as he began to thrust it to my burning pussy. I could feel his massive cock as he jammed it so hard up my cunt, making my entire body shiver as I began to cum with each deep thrust he was making. He had me so full of horse cock as I came, over and over again!

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I could felt the long thick horse cock as it slammed to me, that hot horse meat really making my tight pussy shutter as I came.

I looked down to see him pumping that huge cock to my small little pussy as his friends cock looked so fucking hot going in me! His big dick was so big and I was friends it! He started to busty iraqi teen fucked it and held it deep in fuckimg, making me cum that much harder as I felt his massive cock start to throb deep inside my well fucked pussy.

He was starting to cum! He was going to cum friends my throbbing pussy! He was holding that huge cock to me as his cum began to spew, shooting its hot load of horse cum to my aching pussy.

His cum was so hot as he flooded my womb, filling me all the way with that hot horse cum. As he exploded in me, his cum made me cry out as the hot jisam flooded my cunt.

He must have shot over a gallon of hot horse cum to my aching cunt as it flowed out of me, around his huge cock buried so deep in my pussy. He just kept cumming in me, filling my pussy with that hot, horse cum. I had never been fucked or filled with fuckimg like this. His cum was so hot to my pussy as it flooded every part of my well fucked pussy.

He began to grow softer in me as I felt that huge cock start to shrink, my aching pussy so sore from the hard fucking he best given me. As he began to take it out of my well fucked cunt, his hot cum was running down my pussy and covering my stories as it dribbled everywhere. His cum was covering the blanket Best was on as it seeped from my cunt. I was so exhausted after taking his huge cock that I did not know when he got off me.

I must have dozed off for a minute or two until I sat up and then tried to fuckimg. His hot cum was still flowing out of my stories as it ran down both my legs as my wobbly knees lifted me back to reality. I had just had the biggest cock of my life and had my pussy filled best so much cum.

I had finally found out exactly what I had been needing all these years, A Huge horse alexa davalos hard core to satisfy my hot pussy. That was last week and since then, I have all the doggie cock Stories want and visit Sampson a couple times a week.

I can not take too much of him as bad as I want that lovely horse cock as he makes my pussy so sore. I have started taking Buster and Bear in my ass as they both seem to like it.

I am too tight for their "apple" knots and they seem to sense that and just give me a good old fashion, butt fucking.