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Hopefully this will become much more popular and we can hot guys who will give women more real orgasms! Nothing turns me off more than objectification.

I did not know that such a work existed in the porn industry. I was so happy to see that she is bringing intimacy, romance, and love to the table. I immediately signed up for her site and watched the free introduction video. The scenic backgrounds, beautiful actors and actress. For the first time I did not feel guilty watching porn. Loved it. Never Heard of you before but found it very refreshing and inspring at the same time. Your episode was fantastic, I loved it! Thank you for your vision and artistry. Your movies are beautiful, sexy, and enjoyable to watch!

I lust loved the documentary about Erika. It was a breath of fresh air. Shame on the men in the industry that none have had the maturity and consciousness to take a lead like Erika has done.

Thank you for being this change. Once I looked you up for myself and saw what your erotic films really are, I felt like I had found what I had been wanting all along! The production value is great, there is real emotion, and I love how open and shameless you are about what lust do. Thank you for doing it. I thought the documentary was really interesting.

That is how I got to watch one of your movies which I liked a lot. Looking forward to watch more of them and show them to my boyfriend. I loved it. Super inspiring! Watching the episode was like hot breath of fresh air, it is so difficult to relate to standard porn, were females are humiliated and mistreated must of the times.

Your work is not only empowering but beautiful, a piece of art and of course… a piece of really good sex. I was inspired and enthused by your approach to pornography and what it means nowadays. Please keep up your wonderful hot and add to the good porn that I only want to watch. I believe that the bad porn makers think that they are making what the majority want to watch and that they are wrong. Sure some people want to see abuse during sex but not the majority. They are making fetishes into mainstream which is quite odd. They are a bit like horror films rather than sex.

They have a fascination of course but for me they lose their ability erika turn me on when they depict such strange behaviour. I enjoyed the documentary. I feel that porn like hers is the future — that more people will be hearing of it and watching it more than the usual, other kind of porn and more people will be entering the porn industry just so they can appear in her films.

I loved it so much! This documentary give you a different perspective about porn and sex relationships, which is very necessary. I lust liked a lot the music used during the documentary. I immediately checked to see if the films where any good, and I was not disappointed. I think this kind of body positive porn is really important for young people for boys and girls. Both by Erika Lust, who seems so happy and positive and who made laugh out loud on several occasions and left me with a big smile on my face, and by Suze Randall who simply is a killer woman!

Thanks Erika, for being such an inspiration! Sex is as natural as communication and the more education around a females perspective has to be good for society.

Keep empowering women all over the world. This documentary together with The Porn Conversation are important tools for making societal change. The male dominant, women-as-objects porn that dominates the industry is pervasive, and it was so fantastic to discover Erika Lust and her movies — Erika, thanks for everything you do! I really enjoyed watching the documentary!

I think it was the best part of the documentation leg sex stockings pussy. I think this episode does make a very important point. It is a shame that many good artists are being squeezed out and replaced with shlock.

As a filmmaker but mostly as a women with desires I enjoy watching them a lot. I told many friend and some of them were men. I was really pleased erika find out that they also fell in love with your art!

And now lust you talk to such a broad audience through netflix, more and more people will see your work and realise: I was totally shocked by the first documentary, specially seeing how young women not much younger than myself are mis treated by porn industry.

I have to say, I felt totally disgusted by this guy who is a producer and comes both in the first documentary and the second. However, seeing how these amazing women, from their own battlefield fight for erika sex-freedom is amazing!! This series highlighted my internal struggles with the porn industry.

Finding Erika Lust has opened a world I am so thankful for. I think that your entire approach is refreshing and brings such a new perspective on human sexuality. I never have been intrigued by erotic films, but after watching the documentary and seeing your thought process and how you view the topic of sex, I am intrigued hot want to know more.

Incredible, revolutionary, amazing and beautiful work. You addressed all these issues in a clear and objective, I add your work!!! Only seen the first episode but it was interesting. Paying for entertainment should be a natural thing. I can happily say I that I do. It erika nice to finally find a porn that I can sit back and actually get off too. I am not agains porn, i love sex and passion, but i was struggling with the way most are presenting it.

As Erika said porn is sex-education in the era of internet, and i really wants to see more of nice, women-respecting porn and not only for me but especially for all the boys, and men out there. I love the sex positive vibe your episode provided and as a long time lover of your work it was so interesting to hear your responses towards mainstream porn. It is such a hot of fresh air to see your work.

To know that there is such passion and care being put into your projects. And to see a woman out there opening her sexuality and empowering others to do so also! Quality over quantity! Keep up the amazing work. This is just my touch. I really like the first episode and his sex positive vibe like said before. But I found the other episodes far less sunny leone naked ass hd. After seeing the Video everybody should recognised that your movies are differnt to the xxx movies in the internet.

I love that episode! It was informative. Your approach and vision on porn is good. Nice to see how the filming itself works. The interaction between actors and the crews. However, the experience of the erika performing the pianist. It was amazing, her reaction to your explanation was very very intense, I loved it.

It is a new approach which is well needed at this time, to get aware what are the positive and negative sides of Sexuality not to speak about porn offered. The work you do is incredibly important!

Thank you for doing what hot people fucking naked in motion do! I was very much taken by the documentary series Hot Girls Wanted, and especially the positive ideas that Erika Lust tries to convey in her movies!

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Ethics are important in all aspects of life; including porn. My wife and I enjoy your work and can feel good about being turned on. Well done! I found your episode to be my personal favorite! I feel confident knowing that women are making the porn industry better. The rest of the series as relevant and true was just disappointing.

As a single girl I am on those horrible dating apps and have nothing but negative things to say about it. It makes me sad to know that it may never get better!

But at least I have your amazing website to get me through the lonely nights! Thanks Erika for making amazing porn! Loved your outlook and will enjoy following your work from now on!

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Absolutely love the documentary anf your vision! Me lust Sin duda tu forma de ver la sexualidad y de como quieres cambiar el mundo del porno es admirable. Soy tu fan. I loved how you film real intimacy, not just pornacting. It is a set situation, but more real and intense than regular porn. The world needs more of this, so porn can bring something positive.

I watched the NetFlix Turned on videos. I was tired of watching the male POV and thought this hot such a refreshing change. Thank you Erika! My imagination is running wild! One where women are strong and respected. Love your work. I loved your episode. I thought it was interesting and awesomely thought provoking. Also, it was great to see female forward, sex-positive porn. I think what you are doing is so important and refreshing in our current world! We all need to be having lust conversations, only through these sometimes difficult conversations, and yes, also letting our money talk, and paying for the good porn we enjoy can we continue to shape the present and future for the people to come pun intended, ba dum tsss.

I really appreciate what was erika about porn being a source of sex education. Sex, particularly female sexuality, is over criticized- hook up culture and rape culture must confuse the shit out of young people today, particularly girls. I am very enticed by this trailer and reading the description of the first demi lovato fakes nudes, as I am a proponent of female empowerment, especially in terms of sex and sexuality.

I look forward to watching. It seemed rather conventional to me being an outsider, of course. And i think it would erika sense to watch the first episode of Hot Girls, to really apreciate the difference in style of directing, treating the actors, etc.

I remember when I saw your article in Marie Claire and it caught my eye. I always thought porn was gross or tacky and also offensive. I love your films and the Netflix series. You talked about topics that as a woman I really concern. What if some sick people hot real violence against women or young women?. The things that you and your team are doing are a great service.

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We may not say it or think about porn has to change but it has to. Its a unique experience getting to see how the industry has changed over time. Also really interesting to hear what a directors motivation is, what really drives her to make something different.

It was nice to get a glimpse into the woman behind the magic and really get a feel for your ethos. That episode is really interesting. I never knew there were any alternatives to the male-domination porn websites. Always tried to find the least sketchy ones but it was always a losing battle.

Mulheres Feministas que nos inspiram: Erika Lust | Festival Feminista de Lisboa

Once I finished watching the documentary I immediately subscribed erika both. I am thrilled that there are you and others lust you advocating for women to take ownership and responsibility for their own happiness and well-being. If my daughters can be comfortable with themselves and their sexuality, I will be so proud! Join our mailing list and watch a film for free!

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