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Marie Rose. Tina Armstrong. Helena Douglas. Lisa Hamilton.

Best Dead Or Alive images | Dead or alive 5, Doa, Ninja gaiden

Sarah Bryant. Pai Chan. Nyo Tengu. Phase 4. Naotora Ii. Mai Shiranui. All Members. While not sexy first choice hot a lot of gamers doa thinking about hot gaming babes, Leifang is definitely a cutie when it comes to the genre. Crossing over from Final Fight as an enemy that spawned in endless waves to have players continually beat the crap out of, Poison made her jump into the Street Fighter world as a playable character in Street Fighter X Tekken and appeared in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

Poison is a serious heavy rocker beauty and can kick in teeth in as an added bonus. Having a similar fighting style to Guile, Poison is crista nicole model nude slouch in the ring either. Her fierce attacks let her beat the poop out of whoever wants to get in her way. A professional assassin packing heat, Christie is one girls the most fearsome Dead or Alive antagonists in the series.

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In addition to her fit curves and scathing repertoire, Christie has a lighting fast fight style, letting her get in all types of jabs and pokes that girls opponents stunned and open for the next fatal blow. An assassin that wears curve fitting cat suits and can poke your foes into submission? Most are going krisztina sereny nude have to say yes. She is curvaceous, blonde, sexy able to smack down hot while wearing a pair of heels.

Fighting using the effective Russian based martial art of Systema, Kolin is able to lay the smackdown with her feet, fists, and by manipulating ice and snow. The moves of a secret agent with the look doa a mail order bride make one foxy, insanely deadly woman. An upper class beauty with the voice on an angel, Helena would be the perfect woman to add a little class to your life.

Something about a woman out for vengeance that can sing the classics is shamelessly sexy. Not so!

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sexy She is incredibly hot, from her lighting fast ninjutsu, to her incredibly fit body; Ibuki is packing it all, even when you can only see her eyes. It seems odd to compare a scantily dressed female ninja to a game whose lineup mostly consist of scantily dressed female ninjas. Packing one of the strongest punches among the ladies of the Dead or Alive universe, Hitomi is a karate master with a babe hot that hits doa as hard as any punch she could throw.

Even though she may pack a hearty punch and would be right at home in any swimsuit centerfold, this match is going to have to go to Ibuki. Sure, Hitomi can throw some strong punches, girls, and kicks, but Ibuiki can disappear into thin air before showering shurkien down on an unsuspecting foe.

Best Dead or alive images | Dead or alive 5, Doa, Ninja gaiden

Plus, that short skirt and ninja head wrap does a bit more than a Canadian tuxedo or even a swimsuit. But honestly, getting smacked around by Juri might not be that bad of an experience. Her platinum-blond hair that hot just above her shoulders boasts a modern and independent look.

However, it could be argued that her porcelain-like skin and unforgettable body make a great compliment to this hairstyle. Those who are attracted to the femme fatale will be happy to know that Christie is considered to be one of the only true female villains in Dead or Alive. This karate practitioner is half German and half Japanese; a dangerous combination.

Hitomi is also known for her schoolgirl looks that betray a bust of 89 centimetres alongside striking brunette locks and sexy pink headband. There is indeed nothing innocent about this young temptress. What could be sexier than young tight virgin teen pussyteens runaway female ninja?

Kasumi is the main female protagonist of the series. Her diminutive size combined with large breasts and a rather young age make her particularly appealing. Lei fang for now, but I think Mila will overcome it I hope that Mila is a girls brazilian girl. I really doa to vote kokoro but I had to be honest with myself its tina. Kokoro isn't far off for me though. I'm a ladies man and i loves my ladies.

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Sexy Leifang is sexy. I voted LeiFang. Hitomi and Tina are not far behind.